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Expanding my horizon

Submitted by kaa4ever on Sun, 04/10/2016 - 09:36

This is an ongoing list of books, podcast, videos etc. that I've found very good and probably also educating. If you wish to expand your programming knowledge, in my oppion, this is some must reads/listen/watch.


Is a great way to learn stuff, while doing something else. I've started listen to podcast whenever I bike, run, workout, vacuum clean or whatever activity, where next to no brain power is required.

JavaScript Jabber (link)

Great show about JavaScript, where a lot of great subjects are discussed. This can be anything from a new hot framework, to the more high level of "should you get a college degree to work in IT". While I think I've learned something new in almost every episode, here's a list of my favorite episodes.

  • 229 - JSJ Elm with Richard Feldman
  • 228 - Reach Native with Nadar Dabit and Mike Grabowski
  • 226 - Test doubles with Justin Searls
  • 210 - The 80/20 Guide to ES2015 Generators with Valeri Karpov
  • 209 - TypeScript with Anders Hejlsberg
  • 201 - Security with Troy Hunt
  • 197 - Auth0 with Kassandra Perch
  • 194 - JavaScript tool fatigue
  • 191 - Stripe with Craig McKeachie
  • 190 - Web Performance Part 2 with Nik Molnar
  • 188 - JavaScript Code Smells with Elijah Manor
  • 184 - Web Performance with Nik Molnar
  • 182 - RxJS with Matthew Podwysocki
  • 181 - JSJ The Evolution of Flux Libraries with Andrew Clark and Dan Abramov
  • 179 - JSJ redux and React with Dan Abramov
  • 175 - Elm with Evan Czaplicki and Richard Feldman
  • 171 - Babel with Sebastian McKenzie
  • 157 - Moving your rendering engine to React with Amit Kaufmann and Avi Marcus
  • 156 - Soft skills and marketing yourself as a software developer with John Sonmez
  • 155 - JSJ Webtorrent with Feross Aboukhadijeh


I try to read as much as possible. Books might be kinda old school, but I find it a great way to learn more about some tool or technique and get more in depth. Somethings in programming never change.

  • Head First Design Patterns (link)
    For me, this is a must read, and a book I re-read every other year or so. It's very easy and fast to read, but gives a great introduction to a lot of common and good design patterns.


Getting started with redux (link)
30 great episodes on Egghead, where author of Redux, Dan Abramov, explains the core concepts. It's very great, and also serves as a good introduction to basic React.

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