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About Me

I'm a nice person. No really - get to know me, and you'll see.

What can i do?

Web related, I'm pretty good at PHP, whatever version you got running. In PHP, I've specialized in Drupal, nothing older than 7 please, and also Symfony 3 is growing on me. That's backend, but what I really love doing, is frontend JavaScript. ES6 and React is the new kids on the block, but I've built more than five projects in Angular1. I've love to look into Angular2, but havn't had the time or reason just yet. Also, for mobile stuff, React-Native is my weapon of choice. I also come with great knowledge of modern (S)CSS and HTML.

For more soft values, its worth mentioning that I've worked with Docker this last year, and will probably keep working with it, untill something better comes along. I'm in charge of keeping a few sites running, which makes me a kind of Dev-Ops - i know my way around in Linux. Talking about Linux, I love CLI's and I've pushed Git (and Github) to one of my former employees. They still use it, as they still use code-reviews - as should you.

I'm available!

For work only though, as I got myself a beautiful girl, and the sweetest little boy one could imagine.

I'm always on the look out for new opportunities, and I'm almost always available for hire. But you be warned, I'm not cheap!

Stay in touch!

You can contact me here, write me an e-mail at, find me on LinkedIn, find me on Twitter and even on Facebook.

I'll reply to anything, even SPAM if its funny enough :-)